Why hire an ‘IT Guy’ when you can hire a Team?

Why hire an ‘IT Guy’ when you can hire a Team?


When talking to small and medium sized business owners, I often find that they would prefer to recruit a fulltime ’IT Guy’ rather than consider outsourcing their IT function to a third party like ourselves. Even before I moved into my role at Blackhorse IT, I was a firm believer in the wisdom of outsourcing non-core support services and IT in particular. And here is why.

Single Point of Failure

Your in-house IT Guy represents a serious single point of failure. The old cliché about what happens if he falls under a bus may seem a bit extreme, but what does really happen if he is seriously ill, or if leaves the company suddenly (something that is not unusual in this Region)? Where are all the passwords saved? How are devices configured? Do you have a succession plan?

Limited knowledge

Working in isolation can be very limiting in terms of knowledge and experience and the capacity to learn. Whereas working as part of a team encourages people to share their knowledge, skills and experience. People will expect their ‘IT Guy’ to know everything but there will always be gaps in his (or her) abilities. They may be able to Google the help they need, but that is no substitute for having the experience sitting next to them as part of their team.

The Cost

Companies often look at the headline figure for hiring an experienced ‘IT Guy’ and compare that with the cost of outsourcing to a specialist consultancy. But it is important to factor in other costs associated with having an in-house resource. These include things such as recruitment fees, visa costs, health insurance, gratuity accruals, annual flight, holiday cover… the list goes on. You also need to add to that such items as management, HR and other resources’ time, and of course hardware, software, office space… Getting a true comparison can be difficult, but in many instances, the cost of an in-house IT resource can be higher than the outsource option.

No guidance or direction

Who is going to guide and direct your IT Guy? If you don’t have someone in-house with the right skills and knowledge, you are probably going to rely on them to be self-managing, which will often mean you have a very good reactive problem solver but not much else. With an outsource partner you get a complete team with a manager, with guidance and leadership, and with guaranteed consistency of service.

Limited Business Knowledge

IT Guys are not employed for their business knowledge. When you hire your IT Guy that is exactly what you get – someone who understands IT. When you work with your outsource IT partner, you will be working with a team that is led by a manager who understands your business and its needs. Importantly, led by someone who can translate those needs into solutions.

So why choose Blackhorse IT as your specialist outsource IT partner?

  • All our team members are Microsoft or Cisco certified
  • They are fluent in written and spoken English
  • We assign you a designated engineer for all your on-site work
  • Our dedicated helpdesk team will support you during business hours
  • Our 24×7 support line will support you out of hours
  • Your personal account manager will meet with you monthly to present our report, listen to your feedback and make recommendations for the future.

Our Support and Maintenance Contracts are available from just a few hours per month to a full time onsite dedicated support engineer. For more information call us on 04-368-0962.