BlackHorse IT Upgraded

BlackHorse IT Upgraded

First of all, we would like to let you know that it is a privilege to have you as our client. We look forward to continue to work with you and strengthen our partnership.

Recently we introduced new People, Tools and Processes with the aim of providing you a better service. Zoho Desk (our new ticketing system) was one of these changes, which has received very positive feedback.


We are now introducing additional changes to our processes and Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the intent of allowing us to respond faster, whilst spending less time. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the time we spend fixing problems, and invest more time on preventing them.

Helpdesk Team in the backoffice

We now have a Helpdesk team in our office to provide remote support and to address your needs immediately. Our goal is to address all those issues that come up early morning (can’t print, can’t send e-mail, can’t access server, etc.) as fast as possible, without the need to wait for your designated engineer to be available or come onsite.

Single Point of Contact

Our engineers are instructed NOT to take tickets/support requests directly through their phone or to WhatsApp, as this is a major disruption to their current task in hand.

We want your designated engineer to focus 100% on you when he is visiting you. If you or someone else calls them directly, they are instructed to politely ask for you to open a ticket through our Helpdesk, via e-mail (, web portal ( or phone (+971-4-368-0962).

Centrally Scheduled Onsite Visits

In order to have an efficient service, we are going to centrally book onsite visits based on priority, and order of receiving the request for onsite visit. Engineers will not be able to agree nor provide you a date/time for visiting your offices.

We Are Monitoring your Server(s) Automatically

We have recently upgraded TeamViewer (the tool we use to access your computers remotely) to version 12, which allows us to support you using the latest technology.

With this upgrade, we have also invested in IT Brain, a tool that allows us to monitor your server(s) for issues (low disk space, high memory usage, high CPU usage, event viewer errors, etc.), and react to them immediately.

This will allow us to be more proactive, by monitoring your server(s) 24×7 instead of checking your server(s) manually every morning.

New Service Level Agreement

Please inquire for details.